Meet your two friendly electrologists
                               JILL SHERMAN                 BONNIE FISSELLA     

    Jill and Bonnies Electrolysis has been in business since 1989, serving the women and men of 
Lancaster and the surrounding areas. We thoroughly enjoy helping our customers, who are plagued 
by unwanted hair, feel better about themselves. We have been proud to be the preferred 
electrologists of many doctors and other professionals in Lancaster County who entrust their 
patients to our care. We must be doing something right, right?. Our quest to help  customers 
achieve a sense of well-being and positive self image is what fuels us to be the best…
nothing else will do!

     We perform
 Micro Needling which is a wonderful procedure that builds collagen in the skin to reduce fine lines and large pores. It also helps with bags under the eyes, acne scarring and mild rosacea. We work on the face and body. The BEST part is it works amazing and there is NO downtime!

*Bonnie offers Permanent makeup, laser hair removal and tattoo removal and SculpSure as well.                

  1. Excessive Hair Growth
  2. Acne Scars,, Fine Lines
  3. Regretted Tattoos
  4. Permanent eyeliner

What our clients deal with...we can help!

  • Our clients rate us the highest in Lancaster because of our effective treatments and amazing customer service. 
  • Doctors and practitioners in the area continue to refer their patients to us for our outstanding services.
  • Look on Yelp and Google for rave reviews from our clients