Meet your two friendly electrologists
    JILL SHERMAN                 BONNIE FISSELLA     

    We began our business 27 years ago. We work famously together and chose to be the sole electrologists in our business. We hold ourselves to such high standards, we didn't want that to ever be compromised. Over the years we have built up a good (okay...great) reputation. We pride ourselves on the fact that many doctors and professionals in  Lancaster County regularly refer their patients to Jill and Bonnie's Electrolysis. That solidifies the fact that we are well trained and doing an exemplary job. 

      Living in a small town it is important to establish yourself as a professional and that is what we have done.  We absolutely love making people feel better about themselves. Often times we work on a client who doesn't feel good about herself because of her facial or body hair issues. Over time and several electrolysis treatments, that same person begins to gain more confidence and lift her head up while walking down the street. There is no better feeling than contributing to those results. That is what this is all about for us!"

     We have begun doing skin needling which is a wonderful procedure that builds collagen in the skin to reduce fine lines and large pores. It also helps with bags under the eyes, acne scarring and mild rosacea. We work on the face and body. The BEST part is it works amazing and there is NO downtime!

*Bonnie offers Permanent makeup, laser hair removal and tattoo removal as well.                


  1. Excessive Hair Growth
  2. Acne Scars,, Fine Lines
  3. Regretted Tattoos
  4. Permanent eyeliner

What our clients deal with...we can help!

  • Our clients rate us the highest in Lancaster because of our effective treatments and amazing customer service. 
  • Doctors in the area continue to refer their patients to us for our outstanding services.