Jill and Bonnie offer the following services:

Electrolysis(permanent hair removal) for men and woman on the face and body.



15 min.....$30.00

20 min.....$37.00

30 min.....$45.00

45 min.....$55.00

60 min.....$65.00

Micro Needling Collagen Induction Therapy (Rejuvapen)
Building collagen the "natural" way.
Reduces fine lines, acne scars, laugh lines, chest, neck, arm and hand wrinkles. Mild Rosacea


4 treatment package


4 treatment package with growth factor serum $1,200

*Payment plans are absolutely available for Micro Needling ...all you have to do is ask.

 Call Jill or Bonnie for an appointment.    


 For the following treatment services call only Bonnie
The Finished Line Permanent Cosmetics.Eye lining, eyebrow shaping, lip lining and color correction.

  List of services:

  Eyeliner            $500.00
  *Upper              $275.00
  *Lower             $250.00
  *Mucosal           $200.00

  Eyebrows          $325.00-475.00

  Lip liner             $400.00
  *w/fill                 $250.00

  Beauty Marks    $25.00

  Color corrections evaluation
    and touch up's required

  *Free touch up with each procedure 
   within the first 6 months of initial appointment.
   (Prices subject to change)     

Also Featuring...
   Disappearing Ink tattoo removal
  Affordable tattoo removal. Call for evaluation.
  ( To find out more go to www.bonniefissella.com)


Services and Prices