Services and Prices


Electrolysis(permanent hair removal) for men and woman on the face and body.


 With over 30 years of experience,  expertise and amazing results the prices are as follows:

Jill and Bonnie's prices for Electrolysis:


15 min.....$30.00

20 min.....$37.00

30 min.....$45.00

45 min.....$60.00

60 min.....$75.00

Olivia's prices for Electrolysis:

Olivia trained under Jill and Bonnie and has been working on clients for a long while. We stand behind her work and with the utmost confidence support her and encourage you to try her too!

15 min..... $25.00

20 min..... $32.00

30 min..... $40.00

45 min.....$50.00

60 min.....$60.00

*prices will increase January 1, 2019




LASER HAIR REMOVAL: ​      Our lasers are brand new~ newest technology~ we are the only ones in the area to have them!


* MORE COMFORTABLE TREATMENTS (in many areas you may not even feel it!)


*SAFE FOR ANY SKIN TONE!!!! (yes...that's what we said!)

                     *** Since everyone has unique goals a quick personal conversation or meeting would be wonderful.                                       Please call Jill or Bonnie get receive an absolutely complimentary evaluation or to obtain pricing information.  

                                                                                    Jill 717-201-0037

                                                                                 Bonnie 717-572-2009



Micro Needling:  Please refer to the Micro Needling page on this website


For the following treatment services call only Bonnie (717-572-2009)
The Finished Line, Permanent Cosmetics. Eye lining, eyebrow shaping, lip lining and color correction.
List of services:
  Eyeliner            $500.00
  *Upper              $275.00
  *Lower             $250.00
  *Mucosal           $200.00

  Eyebrows          $325.00-475.00

  Lip liner             $400.00
  *w/fill                 $250.00

  Beauty Marks    $25.00

  *Color corrections evaluation
    and touch up's required

  *Free touch up with each procedure 
   within the first 6 months of initial appointment.
   (Prices subject to change)   


Also Featuring...
   Disappearing Ink Tattoo Removal
  Affordable tattoo removal. Call for evaluation. BONNIE (717-572-2009)
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