What is PICO Genesis?

​   PICO Genesis is an amazing aesthetic treatment to improve and
    maintain your skin’s health.  It eliminates unwanted freckles,
   sun spots, and uneven skin tone, to reveal a brighter and more
    even appearance in a series of 2 - 3 treatments.

How does the treatment work?

   PICO Genesis uses gentle non-thermal pulses of laser light to target      
   unwanted pigment and remodel the upper layers of the skin, helping
   to build much needed collagen.  Over time, the pigmentation will             
   gradually disappear, revealing a clear and more youthful complexion

What areas can be treated?

   Although the face is the most common area that so many choose to
   have treated, any part of the body that shows visible signs of sun 
   damage and aging, will benefit greatly.  In addition to typical hyper
   pigmentation from sun or aging, PICO Genesis is an effective way to
   treat the often unsightly characteristics of Melasma.  because Melasma                            
   is a hormonally driven condition, yearly maintenance is necessary to
   keep it under control.         

What can I expect during and after a treatment?

    The sensation during a treatment can be described as a very warm
    electric rain. Compared to various facial treatments, PICO Genesis
    is a mild one.  Following a session, you may experience a bit of
    redness and warmth on the treated are that resolves within 24 hours. 
    Any specific spots treated individually will darken and flake off as they
    heal, revealing fresh new skin.  The broken down pigment from
    the “Global” treatment will  gradually fade over the next 2-3 weeks

Is PICO Genesis right for me?
   If you have pigmented or uneven skin tone, or simply wish to
    erase some undesired years that the sun and life have over time,
    bestowed upon you, you just may have found your new favorite
    friend....PICO Genesis!  Call for more information, and pricing!