our CLIENTS Say It Best

"I have gone to Jill for almost 6 months now and she is amazing! Not only is she an expert in what she does, but I love catching up with her. She truly cares about her clients. If you are thinking about electrolysis, stop hesitating and see Jill! You will not regret it!"

          -- Nikki C.

"Olivia went above and beyond for me! In only a few sessions the results were incredible. She is genuine and friendly, and makes you feel right

at home. I would definitely recommend Olivia and the team at Jill and Bonnie's."
           -- Joan M.

"I don't know how many clients say they love you, but I FREAKING LOVE YOU. This pigmentation on my lip just keeps getting better. I had given up all hope, and you were my last resort. I'm sooooooo happy I finally made the call. I wish I would have done micro-needling sooner!"

           -- Becky F.

‚Äč"I had previously tried laser hair removal and it didn't work.  I am happy to say that 2 years since my last electrolysis treatment, I am still hair-free. Jill and Bonnie were super-flexible with scheduling and the prices are very affordable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jill and Bonnie to anyone that is considering electrolysis."
          -- Sue A.

I have always struggled with facial hair and tried just about everything!!! Then I found Jill and Bonnie's Electrolysis  and Laser and my life changed forever. Just after 3 sessions most of the hair was gone and there were just a few pieces here and there. I am just over the moon, so happy with the results of the laser hair removal treatments!!

          --Vinny G.

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